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Vacant life of the chef

«Vacant life of the chef» is the first feature project of the graduate of VGIK, the winner of the main prize of the international short films competition of the 35th MIFF Rustam Ilyasov. This is the story of a thirty-year-old man who had the opportunity to be in the role of another person for several days when you have everything: a rich house, an interesting job and a beautiful wife. Throughout the picture, he has to find out and realize a lot of things - who he is and who can be trusted in a suddenly changed world. We made an intriguing cover and poster.


— photo-retouching
— 3D-visualization
— prepress production 

— producer Alexey Kondratyev
— art director Rustam Ilyasov
— 3D-designer Dmitry Fedotov


Paradise Group, 2015